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Meeting Information

Kansas Honey Producers' Association
Spring Meeting Information

2015 Spring Meeting of the Kansas Honey Producers
Plan to now to attend our spring meeting on March 13th and 14th 2015

Holiday Inn at the Campus - in Manhattan, KS

1641 Anderson Ave, Manhattan, KS 66502  785-539-7531  code 'KHPA'

Our keynote speaker:   Dr. Clarence Collison  (FB)
We will have Dadant & Sons as well as Walter T. Kelley from Kentucky for bee equipment vendors. Looking for beekeeping books?  
WicWas Press, a specialty publisher, focusing on honey bees and beekeeping will also be Manhattan, KS.

 Make your hotel reservations by February 10th or as soon as possible by calling 785-539-7531!

2015 Meeting & Registration Information  
You can register and pay by going to our Membership page.

There are new beekeeping associations throughout the state. One of the newest is the Konza Beekeepers Association, based in Manhattan.
Our Links page as additional information.

2015  Presentations

Friday, March 13, 2015  8:00 - 9:00 AM - registration
begins at 9:00 AM
Saturday, March 14, 2015  8:00 - 8:30 AM - registration
meeting begins at 8:30 AM

2015  Executive Board Meeting
Thursday, March 12, 2015  8:00 PM

 See you in Manhattan Kansas!

Open Meeting Policy - Association Board Meeting Scheduled
The Association Board, which is comprised of the Elected Officers plus the 6 Regional Representatives, will meet the evening before the days of the regular membership meeting. The Elected Officers make up the Executive Committee, which has jurisdiction and final vote on matters that are discussed. The six Regional Representatives give input, as necessary, but have no vote.

 If you are on the Executive Committee or if you are one of the Regional Representatives, please plan to attend the Association Board Meeting. If anyone has any information or suggestions they wish to bring to the attention to the Association Board, these concerns should be expressed to a member of the committee prior to the Board Meeting. It is the policy that meetings of the governing board of the organization, its committees, and advisory boards shall be open to the members and held in public but are not of the public. 
Occasionally, meetings or portions of meetings may be closed to the public when considering matters relating to individuals, proprietary information, or litigation. A written statement explaining the reason for the closing of the meeting will be available on the website within a reasonable period of time.

Meeting Minutes - Public Inspection
Appropriate minutes of all open meetings shall be available for inspection by the public upon request to the Board Secretary or the Secretary's designee.
The Board Secretary or the Secretary's designee will make a written or audio record of the proceedings of each closed meeting. The record will be preserved for at least two years after the meeting. See our Newsletter Archive page for previous meeting minutes.

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