Kansas Honey Producers Association (KHPA) - Links to Videos  (Meetings, Minutes, & more...)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to hold executive and impromptu or other meetings via Zoom. We understand the need for support and education for beekeepers and want to provide meetings and classes; we need to ensure the health of us all, which helps ensure the health of our bees. Thank you for your patience.

​Title (Link).                                                              Date.                Duration.   Details.

1.   KHPA Executive Bd Meeting via Zoom.                   26 Apr 2020.     0.42:44    General board meeting.

2.   KHPA Executive Bd Meeting via Zoom.                   07 Jun 2020.     0.37:05.   General board meeting.

3.   KHPA Executive Bd Meeting via Zoom.                   05 Jul 2020.      1:11.37.    General board meeting- Aux.

4.   Honey Extraction Technique.                                05 Aug 2020.     0:06:43.    Kristi Sanderson-presentation.
5.   Preparing Ross Rounds - Comb Honey.                  05 Aug 2020.     0:11:13.    Kristi Sanderson-presentation.
6.   Rendering Beeswax.                                            05 Aug 2020.     0:08:18.    Kristi Sanderson-presentation. 

7.   KHPA Committee re Fall Meeting via Zoom              09 Aug 2020.    0:55:44.    Committee board meeting.

8.  Kellie Honey Farm LLC Jim Kellie Honey Extraction    13 Oct 2020.     0:11:13.   Jim Kellie's Presentation

9.  Dr. Marion Ellis Comb Honey Production                  19 Oct 2020.     0:36:23.    Marion Ellis' Presentation

10. Nikki Bowman Honey Extraction Demo                   21 Oct 2020.     0:07:36.    Nikki Bowman's Presentation

11. Steve & Becky Tipton Honey Extraction                  23 Oct 2020.     0:07:19.    Tipton's Presentation 

12. KHPA Executive Bd Meeting via Zoom                     22 Oct 2020.     1:31:48.    General Board meeting. 

13. KHPA Executive Bd Meeting via Zoom                     05 Mar 2021     2:09:15.    General Board meeting. 

14. KHPA 2021 Spring Meeting via Zoom                      06 Mar 2021     3:15:11.    General meeting.

​15. KHPA Executive Bd Meeting via Zoom.                    25 Apr 2021  - (recording unavailable)

16. KHPA Executive Bd Meeting via Zoom                     07 Oct 2021      1:39:10    General Board meeting.

17. KHPA Executive Bd Meeting via Zoom                     04 Nov 2021  - (recording unavailable).

18. KHPA Executive Bd Meeting via Zoom                     16 Jan 2022     (pending edit and upload).

19. KHPA Executive Bd Meeting via Zoom                     03 Mar 2022      2:29:14    General Board meeting.

21. KHPA Teaching Apiary Bd Meeting via Zoom            10 Mar 2022.     1:00:41    Special Board meeting.          

20. KHPA Executive Bd Meeting via Zoom                     03 Nov 2022      (pending future meeting)

   Financial Reports

2023 -   EOM Feb 2023   CASHFlow EOM Feb 2023

​2022 -   EOY 2022   CASHFlow EOY 2022   990-EZ 2022 Open to the Public *Note that for years prior to 2022, KHPA's  income was lower than the threshold required for the 990-EZ; hence only the 990-N postcard was completed. 

2021 -   EOY 2021   CASHFlow EOY 2021     

2020 -   EOY 2020  CASHFlow EOY 2020           

2019 -   EOY 2019   CASHFlow EOY 2019      

2018 -   EOY 2018               

2017 -   EOY 2017             

2016 -   EOY 2016

​2015 -   EOY 2015
2014 -   EOY 2014


2019 - Budget

2018 - Budget

2017 - Budget

2016 - Budget 


It’s time for KHPA members to get a fresh look to your newsletter. Cheryl Burkhead will be new editor for 2021. 
Your association’s new editor will have artistic license to alter the newsletter format as deemed necessary and utilize newsletter software options. Following is a brief description of the position:

The position of Editor is voluntary, not compensated, and is open to any member of the organization. Editor is not an officer nor has a vote on Executive Committee matters.

Proficient use of a personal computer and software for compiling a newsletter is a must. (Microsoft Publisher is the current soft-ware used. The new editor can opt to use software of his/her choice to produce the newsletter.)

The ability to email large numbers of newsletters at a time (We recommend splitting the lists by alphabet and keep the groups small (less than 75) so they do not show up as a mass email ‘spam’ to the recipient’s email filters.

The newsletter is published quarterly, so it does not require a large amount of ongoing time input.

Current time frame for release of issues is per quarter year:

1st quarter– promote the spring KHPA conference;
2nd quarter- to promote the KHPA booth and entries at Kansas State Fair;

3rd quarter- to promote the fall KHPA conference;
Fourth quarter to wrap the year up.

The release month dates can be altered as deemed necessary, but the Executive Committee wishes to make certain Cappings promotes these special events as well as possible.

Contact KHPA officers to obtain reports to place into the newsletter.

Search for news items on a state, regional, national, etc. level that may be of interest to KHPA members.

An email list is sent by Treasurer each quarter so newsletters can be sent out by email, saving KHPA printing and postage expenses.

Printed copies are mailed out to those who request a paper copy. Currently, Northeast Ks. Beekeepers Association volunteers theuse of their printer for this purpose.

Board Meeting Minutes

The business meeting occurs the night before the public event. It is composed of the officers, and is open to the public but the public may not partake in the meeting. Please talk to one of the officers prior to the meeting, if you have any issue that you would like to be discussed. Below are the minutes for the prior business meetings.

​2023 -   Spring - (pending review and approval)

2022 -   Spring   Fall 

2021 -   Spring   Fall 

2020 -   Spring   Fall

2019 -   Spring   Fall 

2018 -   Spring   Fall

2017 -   Spring   Fall  Addtl
2016 -   Spring   Fall

2015 -   Spring   Fall
2014 -  
Spring   Fall
2013 -  
Spring   Fall
2012 -  
Spring   Fall

Advertising rates were set at our Executive Business meeting in the Spring of 2017. Please contact our editor, if you'd like to advertise in the KHPA newsletter. Commercial ads will be 1/8 page $10, 1/4 page $20, 1/2 page $35 per issue. It was moved and accepted to use these rates.

To have a newsletter delivered by e-mail or USPS, please join and support the association. 

We encourage article and photo subscriptions from our members. Please send what you'd like to share about your association events, articles. All honeybee-related topics will be considered. We regret that we may not always be able to include every submission but we'll do our best! Please submit to our Editor, Cheryl Burkhead (email), for consideration. 

Kansas Honey Producers Association is a not-for-profit IRC 501(c)5 agricultural-educational organization..

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The Honey Bee - the official State Insect of Kansas since 1976.

​​​General Business Meeting Minutes

The general meeting occurs during the public event. This is a time to discuss things going on in the group along with things you may like the group to do. Minutes for the general meeting are below.

2023 -   Spring (pending review and approval)

2022 -   Spring  Fall

2021 -   Spring  Fall 

2020 -   Spring   Fall* (n/a)

2019 -   Spring (n/a)  Fall

2018 -   Spring   Fall 

2017 -   Spring   Fall

2016 -   Spring   Fall
2015 -   Spring   Fall
2014 -   Spring   Fall
2013 -   Spring   Fall
2012 -   Spring   Fall

   Hand-outs and supplemental information:


​2021 -   Kansas Honey Producers Association Introduction Flyer

                 Liquid Foaming Soap  written instructions and Honey Shampoo from Robin Kolterman. 

            Cold Process Soap information from Becky Tipton.

2022 -  Elderberry Jelly Recipe  October 2022 presentation by  Robert Burns

The Cappings Newsletter

The Cappings is our official quarterly newsletter publication, which is included as a membership benefit in digital or hardcopy format.  The newsletter is disseminated to association members across the state of Kansas. The email edition is in color, and can contain hyper-links to web pages. The print version is in black-and-white.  

Send news about your bees and your experiences, as well as any corrections, letters, comments, photographs, story suggestions, interviews, and additional requests via email to Editor, Cheryl Burkhead

2023 -   January.   May.  August (pending)

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2019 -   February   May  August  October

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2017 -   February   June  September  December

2016 -   February   June  September  December

2015 -   February   June   September  December
2014 -   Winter   Summer   Fall   December
2013 -   January   April   July   December
2012 -   January   April   August

2011 -   January   November

2010 -   January   April   July

2009 -   Fall

 Kansas Honey Producers Association (KHPA) - Links to Videos for Value-Added Series (special)

"Extracting More $$$ From Your Hives"

​Title (Link).                                                                                            Date.                     Duration.  

1.   KHPA Value-Added - Batik w/ Megan Vetter                                         15 Apr 2021              1.22:04     

2.   KHPA Value-Added - Comb Honey Production                                      20 May 2021             1.05:08    

      with Cecil Sweeney & Kristi Sanderson...

3.   KHPA Value-Added - Collecting and Using Pollen & Propolis                    17 June 2021            0.54:14

     with Petra Ahnert  

4.   KHPA Value-Added - Making Creamed Honey & Making Infused Honey    15 July 2021             1:08:20

      Brian Withrow & Chad Gilliland.                                                                                                                 

​5.   KHPA Value-Added - Apitherapy, The Medicine Chest Known as the         19 August 2021         1:35:38  

      Bee Hive, Reyah Carlson

6.   Cold Process Soap Making, Lotion & Lib Balm, Becky Tipton                   16 September 2021   0:58:42

7.   Making Liquid Soap, Robin Kolterman                                                   21 October 2021       0:46:29

8.   Beeswax - Cleaning and Candle-making, Ginger & Gary Reuter               18 November 2021    1:07:33 

​9.  Holiday Gift Quickies-Kristi Sanderson, Joli Winer, Jo Patrick, Becky Tipton 16 December 2021   0:48:00

10  Making & Selling Nucleus Colonies, Kristi Sanderson                               20 January 2022       1:00:30

​11. Queen Rearing, Cheryl Burkhead.                                                         17 February 2022     1:12:36

12. Selling at Markets & Fairs, Stephanie Donaldson                                     17 March 2022         0:56:43

13. Mentoring & Concierge Beekeeping, Nikki Bowman                                 21 April 2022           1:01:20

14. Brewing Beer with Honey, Jason Elder                                                  19 May 2022            0:43:07

15. Making Mead, Jay Francis                                                                    16 June 2022           1:13:52

​16. Taking Care of Your Honey, Joli Winer                                                   23 July 2022            0:49:26

​17. Certified Kitchen & Legal Labels (see below)                                          18 August 2022        1:33:49

Loren Minnich, from KDA Weights and Measures- “Label Requirements”
Sharon Leister, from KDA Licensing “When a Honey Producer needs a Licensed Kitchen and What you Need”
Dr. Kelly Getty, Associate Professor & Food Science Co-Director, Kansas Value Added Foods Lab, “How the K State Value- Added Food Lab can help you-develop products and more! 

18. Products from the Hive, Rich Wieske                                                     18 September 2022   1:15:52

19. Healthier with Honey- Kombucha, Elderberry, and Honey Ice-Cream         20 October 2022       1:16:10 

20. Holiday Gift Ideas- Infused Honeys & Making Beeswax Wraps,                 17 November 2022    1:19:29

     Chad Gilliland & Joli Winer. 

(There was no December 2022 presentation). See you in January 2023!

21. Beeswax- Cleaning beeswax, making dipped beeswax candles and fire starters.

     Cecil Sweeney, Joli Winer and Jo Patrick present. (pending review/upload)  19 January 2023    1:00:00

22. Marketing Basics that Can Help Increase Sales – Melissa Karsten presents. 16 February 2023   1:00:00
     Other topics include – printer choices-laser or inkjet. Joli Winer and Becky Tipton will present on the programs that they use for printing their labels, Maestro and Print Master. 
(pending review/upload) 

23. Pollination Services  – Matt Winstead from Golden Rule Honey Farm, Bates City, MO - 16 March 2023   1:00:00
     (pending review/upload) 

24. Agri-tourism (Marketing) and Beekeeping - Changing your Future with Clint Walker from Walker Honey Farms, Rogers Texas and Frank Gieringer from Gieringer’s Orchard and Berry Farm, Edgerton KS  - 20 April 2023   1:00:00
     (pending review/upload) 

25. Beeswax Sculpting 18May 2023. “Sculpting Beeswax” presented by Bridget Lee-Penafort.  - 18 May 2023   1:00:00
     (pending review/upload) 


20May...our Videographer is currently working to get caught up very soon! Thank you for your patience....

Future topics:

Upcoming Programs For Getting More $$from your Hives:
Upcoming Programs:

*Thursday, July 20th TBA
*Thursday, August 17th TBA