Note: Archived documents are in the PDF format. 

Treasurer Reports


2017 -   EOM Feb2017

2016 -   EOY 2016

2015 -   EOY 2015
2014 -   EOY 2014


2017 -   State Fair Acct EOM Feb. 2017 

2017 - Proposed Budget - 2017 outline​ pending approval

2016 - Proposed Budget - Approved 


​​General Meeting Minutes

The general meeting occurs during the public event. This is a time to discuss things going on in the group along with things you may like the group to do. Minutes for the general meeting are below.

2016 -   Spring   Fall
2015 -   Spring   Fall
2014 -   Spring   Fall
2013 -   Spring   Fall
2012 -   Spring   Fall



The Cappings is our official quarterly publication to give you information regarding meeting locations as well as programs of the association and to inform you as to the operation and function of the association.

2017 -   February   June

2016 -   February   June  September  December

2015 -   February   June   September  December
2014 -   Winter   Summer   Fall   December
2013 -   January   April   July   December
2012 -   January   April   August

2011 -   January   November

2010 -   January   April   July

2009 -   Fall

Promoting man kinds most beneficial insect; the honey bee.

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Board Meeting Minutes

The business meeting occurs the night before the public event. It is composed of the officers, and is open to the public but the public may not partake in the meeting. Please talk to one of the officers prior to the meeting, if you have any issue that you would like to be discussed. Below are the minutes for the prior business meetings.

2016 -   Spring   Fall

2015 -   Spring   Fall
2014 -  
Spring   Fall
2013 -  
Spring   Fall
2012 -  
Spring   Fall

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