The Honey Bee - the official State Insect of Kansas since 1976.

Beekeeper of the Year - Award.

Nominations may be submitted via this form (download) due by 17 October 2023. 

​The nomination process is easy. Complete the form and forward. Nominations and support letters should be forwarded as instructed. These shall then be forwarded to the committee members. The beekeeper of the year committee may also nominate someone, with or without a nomination letter or letters of support. All nominations will be treated fairly and equally thru the process of determining a final nomination, which is up to the committee to decide..  

The “Beekeeper of the Year” may be selected annually by a committee appointed by the President of the Association. This selection is the sole function of this committee and is not included in the description of any elected officer.

This award shall be given to an Association Member with the following attributes:

Does the most to promote the art of beekeeping.
Promotes the Association.
Promotes membership in the Association.
Publicizes beekeeping and to introduce the art of beekeeping to prospective future beekeepers.

Honey Producers Association (KHPA), formerly The Kansas State Beekeepers Association, was started over a 119 years ago for the purpose of promoting good beekeeping practices, to promote honey, to enable beekeepers from various areas to meet and share experiences and ideas, and to publicize the honey bee as an important contributor to the nation's food supply. The date on the association president's gavel for the association's founding is December 30, 1903.  List of Beekeeper(s) of the Year (updated through 2022).


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