Spring 2022 March 4 & 5         Courtyard Marriott of Salina, KS. Meeting & Agenda

Fall 2021 November 5 &6      Courtyard Marriott of Salina, KS.  Meeting & Agenda

Spring 2021 March 6             Virtual On-line Meeting, KS​​  via Zoom.  Meeting & Agenda

Fall 2020 October 23             Virtual On-line Meeting, KS​​  via Zoom.  Meeting & Agenda

Spring 2020 March 6 & 7       Whiskey Creek Grill & Days Inn   Hays, KS  Meeting & Agenda

Fall 2019 October  18 & 19     Best Western Wichita North, Wichita, KS   Meeting Agenda

Spring 2019 March 8 & 9        Douglas County Fairgrounds, Lawrence, KS   Meeting Agenda

Fall 2018 October 26 & 27      Best Western Angus Inn, Great Bend, KS  Meeting & Agenda

Spring 2018 March 9 & 10      The Cedars,  McPherson, KS   Meeting & Agenda

Fall 2017  October  27 & 28    Best Western Hospitality House  Emporia, KS  Meeting & Agenda

Spring 2017 March 10 & 11     Ramada Inn,  Topeka, KS   Meeting & Agenda 

Fall 2016 October 28 & 29      Whiskey Creek Grill & Days Inn   Hays, KS  Meeting & Agenda

Spring 2016  March 4 & 5       Lamplighter Inn   Pittsburg, KS         Meeting & Agenda

Fall 2015  October 30 & 31     The Cedars   McPherson, KS     

Spring 2015   March 13 & 14   Holiday Inn at the Campus  Manhattan, KS Meeting & Agenda

Fall 2014   October 17 & 18     Clarion Inns & Suites   Wichita, KS   

Spring 2014  March 14 & 15    Whiskey Creek Grill & Days Inn   Hays, KS

Our bi-annual Spring (March) and Fall (October/November) meetings consist of timely topics and lectures. We offer workshops and special discussions. The meetings are followed by a brief update on current business and board topics. Hot coffee, tea, and water are available during breaks. For details, check the most current newsletters. Our meetings are open to all and provide a way to interact and get to know other beekeepers from all over the state.

​Fall 2013  October 18 & 19      Capitol Plaza   Topeka, KS

Spring 2013 March 1 & 2         Best Western   Wichita, KS

Fall 2012  October 19 & 20      GuestHouse Inn   Emporia, KS

Spring 2012  March 2 & 3        Best Western Holiday Manor   McPherson, KS

​Fall 2011  October 21 & 22      Best Western Angus Inn   Great Bend, KS

​Spring 2011  March 4 & 5        Holiday Inn Holidome   Topeka, KS

Fall 2010  October 15 & 16      Best Western Holiday Manor   McPherson, KS

​Spring 2010  March 5 & 6        Ramada Inn Hays Convention Center    Hays, KS

​Fall 2009  October 16 & 17      GuestHouse Inn   Emporia, KS

Spring 2009  March 6 & 7        Marriott Hotel (Joint meeting with MO State Beekeepers) Overland Park, KS

Fall 2008 October 17 & 18       Best Western Holiday Manor  McPherson, KS

Spring 2008 March 7 & 8         Highland Hotel & Convention Center  Great Bend, KS

Fall 2007 October 19 & 20       Holiday Inn   Lawrence, KS

Spring 2007 March 2 & 3         Hays Holiday Inn  Hays, KS

​Fall 2006 October 6 & 7           Holiday Inn  Topeka, KS

Spring 2006 March 3 & 4         Marriott Hotel (Joint meeting with Mo State Beekeepers) Overland Park, KS

Fall 2005 October 14 & 15       Best Western  McPherson, KS

Spring 2005 March 4 & 5         Ramada Inn  Emporia, KS

Fall 2004 October 16 & 17       Dodge House  Dodge City, KS

Spring 2004 March 5 & 6         Ramada Inn  Emporia KS 

Fall 2003  October 17 & 18      Best Western. McPherson, KS     100th Anniversary Celebration

Spring 2003 March 7 & 8.        Ramada Inn  Emporia, KS          100th Anniversary Celebration

Fall 2002 October 18 & 19       Red Coach Inn  Salina, KS 
Spring 2002 March 1 & 2         Best Western Holiday Manor  McPherson, KS

​The Gavel:  author, Tim Tucker, from 2002 December "Cappings", page 1  "organized Dec. 30, 1903. Presented to the Kansas State Bee Keepers Association By the President P.R. Hobble  Nov. 22 -1910."

WHAT:     Spring 2022 Meeting Details (here) current as-of 22 February 2022

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Open Meeting Policy - Association Board Meeting Scheduled
The Executive Committee, which is comprised of the Elected Officers, will meet the evening before the days of the regular membership meeting. The Executive Committee has jurisdiction and final vote on matters that are discussed.

If anyone has any information or suggestions they wish to bring to the attention to the Executive Committee, these concerns should be expressed to a member of the committee prior to the Board Meeting. It is the policy that meetings of the governing board of the organization, its committees, and advisory boards shall be open to the members and held in public but are not of the public. 
Occasionally, meetings or portions of meetings may be closed to the public when considering matters relating to individuals, proprietary information, or litigation. A written statement explaining the reason for the closing of the meeting will be available on the website within a reasonable period of time.

Meeting Minutes - Public Inspection
Appropriate minutes of all open meetings shall be available for inspection by the public upon request to the Secretary or the Secretary's designee. The Secretary or the Secretary's designee will make a written or audio record of the proceedings of each closed meeting. The record will be preserved for at least two years after the meeting. See our Newsletter Archive page for previous meeting minutes.

Location of our 2021 November 5&6 meeting in Salina, KS

Bi-annual Meeting

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The Honey Bee - the official State Insect of Kansas since 1976.

​​​03 March 2022, Thursday night-Executive Board meeting 8:00 pm.  
*Friday & Saturday 04 & 05 March 2022 is the Conference in-person in Salina, KS.  

Spring 2022 Kansas Honey Producers Assn. Program – March 4 & 5, 2022 Courtyard by Marriott – 3020 Riffle Dr. – Salina, KS
Program for the KHPA Spring 2022 Meeting
KHPA Spring 2022 Friday, March 4, 2022
8:00-8:40 Set up - Silent Auction Items 
8:45-9:00 Announcements: Becky Tipton, President
9:00-9:55 Varroa Mite Biology -  Gary Reuter – Un. of Minnesota Bee Lab via Zoom
10:00-10:45 USDA Programs to Help Landowners Develop Pollinator Plantings - Dean Krehbiel - Saline Co. USDA/FSA office
10:45-11:05 20- minute break
11:10-12:00 Bee Biology & Hive Management - Gary Reuter of Un. Of Minnesota Bee Lab via Zoom
12:00-1:00 LUNCH -visit with vendors
1:00-1:50 Nutrition- What works for Us - Jimmy Shobert -- NW Oklahoma Beekeepers Assn
1:55-2:50 Native Seed Sourcing – Trent Page – Star Seed Co. – Osborne, KS
2:50-3:10 20- minute break.  Close out Silent Auction – bid early, bid often
3:15-4:00  Gary Reuter – Un. of Minnesota Bee Lab via Zoom
4:00-4:50 Home-Made and Handy -- Jim Kellie - KHPA members showcase their homemade beekeeping tools, accessories, labor -saving devices, etc.
06:00 Banquet – evening meal – award – Fun Time.

Program for the KHPA Spring 2022 Meeting
KHPA Spring 2022 Saturday, March 5, 2022
8:00-8:40 Set up - Silent Auction Items - Grab some coffee and a seat
8:45-9:00 Announcements: Becky Tipton, President
9:00-9:50 Kansas Legislative Update - Jim Kellie
9:55-10:45 Technology in Beekeeping – Matthew Brandes
10:50-11:10 20- minute break
11:10-12:00 Who Invited Them? And How do We Get Rid of Them – Julie Cahoj stamps out  Small Hive Beetle, Wax Moth, and other hive pests
12:00-1:00 LUNCH and visit with Vendors
1:00-1:35 KHPA Business Meeting – KHPA Constitution update
1:40-2:25 Clowns & Saints: Navigating the Beekeeping Super-Highway– Brian Withrow
2:25-2:45 20- minute break.  Silent Auction closes at end of break
2:45-3:35 Doing the Splits  –– Increase Hive Numbers - Nikki Bowman
3:40-4:20 Partnering Your Hives with Nature - Greg Swob (beware of Derechos!)
Hint at who’s coming to dinner at November’s KHPA gathering: Katie Lee (Un. of Minnesota) – Tara Haslauer, Insurance for your Farm/Hobby – tba- Look at Those Eggs! Ukrainian Egg Decorating – Mead, Something to Wine About with ...; Clean Up on Aisle 5, Soaps & Lotions with tba...
Program, Topics and Speakers and Times Subject to change.
**outline and schedule subject to change. Most current update: 2-11-2022