Fall 2017  October  27 & 28     Best Western Hospitality House  Emporia, KS  Meeting & Agenda

Spring 2017 March 10 & 11     Ramada Inn,  Topeka, KS   Meeting & Agenda 

Fall 2016 October 28 & 29      Whiskey Creek Grill & Days Inn   Hays, KS  Meeting & Agenda

Spring 2016  March 4 & 5       Lamplighter Inn   Pittsburg, KS         Meeting & Agenda

Fall 2015  October 30 & 31     The Cedars   McPherson, KS     

Spring 2015   March 13 & 14   Holiday Inn at the Campus  Manhattan, KS Meeting & Agenda

Fall 2014   October 17 & 18     Clarion Inns & Suites   Wichita, KS   

Spring 2014  March 14 & 15    Whiskey Creek Grill & Days Inn   Hays, KS

Fall 2013  October 18 & 19      Capitol Plaza   Topeka, KS

Spring 2013 March 1 & 2          Best Western   Wichita, KS

Fall 2012  October 19 & 20      GuestHouse Inn   Emporia, KS

Spring 2012  March 2 & 3         Best Western Holiday Manor   McPherson, KS

​Fall 2011  October 21 & 22       Great Bend Best Western Angus Inn   Great Bend, KS

​Spring 2011  March 4 & 5         Holiday Inn Holidome   Topeka, KS

Fall 2010  October 15 & 16       Best Western Holiday Manor   McPherson, KS

​Spring 2010  March 5 & 6        Ramada Inn Hays Convention Center    Hays, KS

​Fall 2009  October 16 & 17      GuestHouse Inn   Emporia, KS

Spring 2009  March 6 & 7       Joint Meeting with MO State Beekeepers  Marriott, Overland Park, KS

One of our favorite people in the world is Clint Walker of Walker Honey Farm & Dancing Bee Winery, in Rogers Texas. Clint’s family business was forced to change when African Bees moved into the area and put the kibosh on their queen and package bee business.  They were forced to reinvent themselves and he’ll share those experiences with us.  

Our third guest speaker is Reyah Carlson, an Apitherapy specialist, from Vermont.  She is highly regarded in her field.  One of her presentations is The Medicine Chest known as the Bee Hive.  She also presents on the health and nutrition of all honey bee produced substances and how to use them, raw honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and venom.  She will also demonstrate the sting technique and application.  She is currently researching the use of bee sting therapy on tick borne illnesses.  She is highly recommended by KHPA member, Tim Tucker. Reyah will be presenting three times.

Bring your favorite snack food sweetened with your wonderful honey.  Sweet or savory, healthy or indulgent, bring enough for small portions for about 75 people.  Bring your own serving utensils.  If heating or refrigeration is needed, you are on your own. (FYI If staying at the hotel there are refrigerators and microwaves in the rooms).  We will provide plates and napkins.  Please bring copies of your recipe to share but NO NAMES—let’s keep everyone guessing. Give one copy of your recipe to Becky Tipton for publication of winning recipes.  Contest will be held Friday afternoon (a before dinner treat) and winners announced Saturday morning. A small premium will be awarded but the real win is bragging rights

If you belong to a local beekeeping group please promote our meeting to your group.  If you have any questions please call me at 913-856-8356 or email me at joli@heartlandhoney.com.  If emailing please put KHPA in the subject line.


Thursday October 26th

8 pm Executive Committee & Board Meeting in the Regency 2 at the Best Western

Friday October 27th
7:30-8:20 am               Registration, Silent Auction Set up, Visit vendors
8:20-8:30 am               President Greg Swob -Call to Order
8:30-9:25 am               Clint Walker: Producing Varietal Honeys: Plants, Plans, Process, Profit, Perchance and Pure Pleasure
9:25-10:20 am             Sue Stringer; KS Agritourism Manager: Opportunities to be a part of the KS Agritourism Program and to be a part of the Limited Liability Protection Program
10:20-10:40 am           Break
10:40-11:35 am           Reyah Carlson: The Medicine Chest Known as the Bee Hive—Pollen and Honey
11:35-12:30                 Loren Minnich: KS Department of Ag., Weights and Measures,
Packaging and Labeling Laws
12:30-1:30                   Lunch on your own
1:30-2:25                     Dr. Yong Park: Honey Bees: Morphology and Anatomy
2:25-3:20                                 Clint Walker: Boutique Beekeeping for Fun and Profit: How to Self-Define Your Beekeeping Operation
3:20-3:40                     Break & end of silent auction-visit microscopes that are set up by Dr. Park
3:40-4:35                     Reyah Carlson: The Medicine Chest Known as the Bee Hive-Royal Jelly and Propolis
4:35-                                        Meeting of the Regional Directors with their constituents-some groups need to choose new directors for their areas
5:00                             Fall Honey Snacks and Hors d’oeurves contest See note above about the rules for the contest -Also visit microscopes that are set up by Dr. Park
6:00                             Dinner & Program TBA-presentation of Beekeeper of the Year & Best of Show Awards

Saturday, October 28th
7:45-8:20 am               Registration, Silent Auction Set up, Visit vendors
8:20-8:30 am               President Greg Swob -Call to Order
8:30-9:25 am               Clint Walker: “Selling” the Farm: Destination Farming, Agri-Tourism and Niche Marketing
9:25-10:20 am             Dr. Yong Park-What Happens after 10 years without any treatment?
10:20-10:40 am           Break
10:40-11:35 am           Reyah Carlson: The Medicine Chest Known as the Bee Hive-Bee Venom Therapy-Technique and Application of the Sting
11:35-12:00                 Grant groups present-- Cherry Street Youth Center & Stringtown 4-H
12:00-1:00                   Lunch on your own  
1:00-1:55                                 Clint Walker: Everything you ever wanted to know about someone else’s bee, honey and mead business but were afraid to ask
1:55-2:50                                 Jim Kellie: Agricultural Pesticides & Fungicides.  The Relationship between the Beekeeper and the Farming Community
2:50-3:00                     Break—end of silent auction
3:00-3:55                     Dr. Yong Park: Small Hive Beetles: How to Initiate Egg Laying
4:00                             General meeting and Elections

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Kansas Honey Producers Fall Conference

October 27 & 28, 2017, Friday & Saturday

Best Western Hospitality House (Conference Details)
3021 W Hwy 50, Emporia Kansas 66801      620-342-7587

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To make reservations at the Best Western call 620-342-7587and mention the Kansas Honey Producers Association to get the best rate.  Room rates are $79.99 plus tax for a nonsmoking double room or a non-smoking king.  Reservations should be made by October 12th.

One of our guest speakers several of us had the pleasure of hearing speak at the North American Beekeeping Conference.   Dr. Yong Park is from the University of Arkansas.  His presentation on Honey Bee Morphology and Anatomy was fantastic.  He brought in microscopes so that we could all look at the bee parts.  He’ll do the same for us! Another presentation he’ll be giving is on Small Hive Beetles.  He will be presenting four times.

2017 Fall Meeting
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