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​​ArchiveD DOCUMENTS from our past

By-laws are like an official game plan on how a corporation is to be run and operated. Bylaws also state the rights and powers of the shareholders, directors and officers. Ordinarily, they’re not filed in any state’s corporate filing office. In practice, bylaws can be brief or lengthy. Operating agreements and partnership agreements, the LLC and LLP counterparts of corporate bylaws, are similar requirements. Contents vary but they typically include the following provisions:

  1. The time and place for meetings of officers, directors, and shareholders;
  2. How many directors, their tenure, and their qualifications;
  3. Title and compensation of the corporate officers;
  4. The fiscal year of the corporation;
  5. Who is responsible and how the bylaws are to be amended;
  6. Any rules on the approval of contracts, loans, checks, and stock certificates;
  7. Inspection of the corporate records book below.


KHPA Constitution from 1995

KHPA Constitution Approved September 1981

KHPA Constitution from 1957 revised 1973

​​bylaws & constitution

Bylaws and Constitution documents, last revised in 2015, posted in PDF format and available for members to review.  Immediate questions or concerns related to the Bylaws and Constitution may be directed to any of the KHPA Officers or Directors prior to the annual meetings held each March and October.

CONSTITUTION KHPA 2022 (Approved 05March2022).              By-Laws (November 5, 2022)

This constitution may be amended, repealed, or altered in the whole or in part, by two- thirds (2/3) of the votes cast at the meetings preceeded by a thirty (30) day advance, written notice of proposed change.  This may be done by means of publication in the Kansas Honey Producers Association Journal in a timely issue preceding the bi-annual Meetings or by a First Class mailing to all members.