The Honey Bee - the official State Insect of Kansas since 1976.

As-of April 26, 2020, we will not be accepting any applications for 2021.



​​Kansas Honey Producers Youth Scholarship Grant for learning the art and science of beekeeping.

Grant offering:  The Kansas Honey Producers Association (KHPA) is offering funds to individuals working with youth through scouting organizations, 4-H, church affiliation, school clubs, FFA, FCCLA, or other similar groups, to increase knowledge of beekeeping, and the role of the honey bee in food pollination and the production of honey. The grant will include:  Wooden ware for 2 bee hives (Langstroth style, standard 10 frame equipment), bees, safety equipment (veils, gloves, suits—quantity to be determined, one smoker), instruction (classes, meetings, mentor, written material) and membership in the Kansas Honey Producers.

**For additional and complete details, please read the 2021 Grant Application. 

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