The Kansas Honey Producers' Association               (from 1903 to 1981 aka: Kansas State Beekeepers' Assn)

​​ ​   As the state organization for Kansas' beekeepers, we provide connections in many ways:


  1.  ​We hold 2 annual meetings with outstanding speakers and workshops around the state in the spring and fall.
  2. We act as an umbrella organization for local clubs. 
  3. We publish a quarterly newsletter that includes events and meeting information .
  4. We provide public education and services about beekeeping with our members speaking to garden clubs, schools, and other educational groups.
  5. We have established apiaries throughout the state, using our apiary products to demonstrate and sell to the public at the Kansas State Fair held annually in September.
  6. As an organization. we have donated thousands of dollars in bees, wooden-ware, and supplies to teach beekeeping through our scholarship and grant programs for nearly 15 years.
  7. We have representatives who attend national beekeeping meetings to assure that we have current knowledge available to us in Kansas.
  8. ​Support state-wide beekeepers in Kansas with your membership.         Email:

Our Spring (March) and Fall (October) meetings consist of timely topics and lectures. We offer workshops and special discussions. The meetings are followed by a brief update on current business and board topics. Hot coffee and tea and water are available during breaks. For details, check the most current newsletters. Our meetings are open to all and provide a way to interact and get to know other beekeepers from all over the state.

KHPA - 2018 State Fair Volunteers  - We couldn't do it without you.    

Register today as a volunteer by going to SignupGenius_(KHPAlink).   

As a way to promote honey bees and their products, each year we sponsor a booth at the Kansas State Fair.  Our booth at the fair is in the Pride of Kansas Building.  The 2019 fair runs from September 6 - 15, 2019.  


We rely on our membership to help man the booth, and would appreciate any time you have to offer. This is a wonderful time to interact with the general public.  Meet with the public and share your beekeeping knowledge.

Questions? Please contact 2nd VP, Kristi Sanderson via email. She'll get back with you asap. 

Congratulations to hour Honey Show winners 2018 Adults and 2018 Youth!   Thank you for participating!               

Did you know?  The honey bee is the State Insect of Kansas. Kansas designated the honey bee as official state insect in 1976 in response to a petition signed by over 2000 Kansas school children to make the honey bee the state insect. A quote from Kansas House Bill 2236; "... The honey bee is like all Kansan's in that it is proud; only fights in defense of something it cherishes; is a friendly bundle of energy; is always helping others throughout its lifetime; is a strong, hard worker with limitless abilities; and is a mirror of virtue, triumph and glory;... The honey bee, by making its honey, gives not only to Kansans but also to all the world's peoples a gift which is sweet and wholesome, something which all Kansans strive to emulate in other ways."  

Welcome.  Become a supporting member, register for a meeting, or renew a membership.  Access the membership formif you would like to review, print, or mail.    Or use the convenience of PayPal. 

Kansas Honey Producers Association is a not-for-profit IRC 501(c)5 agricultural-educational organization.

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Our most current newsletter (4th Quarter 2018) of "The Cappings" is availableFor questions about membership or registration, you may contact us by email. We will assist with any issues you may have in this regard.  Thank you for your support.

​Scholarship/Grant applications for 2020 are due October 5, 2019
See the
grant page
 for more details.


At our bi-annual meetings, you will find lectures, hands-on workshops and discussions. These meetings are held for beekeepers with any level of skill, experience or ability.  Topics on introductory beekeeping tools and techniques, as well as learning opportunities for the more advanced beekeeper will be available.

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The Honey Bee - the official State Insect of Kansas since 1976.