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The Kansas Honey Producers Association (KHPA), formerly The Kansas State Beekeepers Association -the name changed in the 1981, was started over a 111 years ago for the purpose of promoting good beekeeping practices, to promote honey, to enable beekeepers from various areas to meet and share experiences and ideas, and to publicize the honey bee as an important contributor to the nation's food supply. The date on the association president's gavel for the association's founding is December 30, 1903.

Our website serves to inform the public and other fellow beekeepers with industry news, membership information, meeting schedules, and contact information. Keep informed. Stay in touch.

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Promoting man kinds most beneficial insect; the honey bee.

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Register for the Spring (March 10 & 11) 2017 meeting.

We are taking registrations. Be sure to confirm and make your hotel reservations by February 15th! Spring meeting Agenda and Registration forms (download). 

Problems? We hope not but please Email or call 913-481-3504 with any issues. 

​updated: February 1, 2017 (RB) 

KHPA - 2016 State Fair Volunteers Needed! 

As a way to promote honey bees and their products each year we sponsor a booth at the Kansas State Fair. Our booth at the fair is in the Pride of Kansas Building. The fair is September 9 - 18, 2016. We rely heavily on our members to work the booth, and would appreciate any time you would give. This is a wonderful time to interact with other beekeepers as well as teaching the public about honey bees, their products, and more. Early registrants get entered into a drawing to win a payment for a hotel stay or a bee hive. 

Visit SignUpGenius to volunteer.

Any questions? Please contact 2nd VP, Kristi Sanderson via email. She'll get back with you asap. 

updated: March 21, 2016 (RB)

Bellow are some news items that pertain to beekeeping. Click the item to view the story.

New USDA Conservation Initiative for Pollinators

Beekeeper Saves Honey Bees at Royals Preseason Game

​From any of the meetings listed in the calendar you will find: lectures, hands-on workshops and discussions. These meetings are held for beekeepers with any level of skill, experience or ability.  Topics on introductory beekeeping tools and techniques, as well as learning opportunities for the more advanced beekeeper will be available.

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The Kansas Honey Producers Association is a not-for-profit IRC 501(c)5 agricultural-educational organization, run by dedicated volunteers, and supported primarily by membership dues (subscriptions). The IRC status means the association is a tax-exempt organization. While donations are always welcome, they are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution. However, membership dues and subscriptions may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.

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