Thursday, July 15th, Making Creamed Honey, Brian Withrow presents and Making Infused Honey, Chad Gilliland presents.

​Thursday, August 19th, Apitherapy, The Medicine Chest Known as the Bee Hive, Reyah Carlson presents 

The next program is:

​Thursday, September 16th, Cold Process Soap Making, Lotion and Lip Balm - Becky Tipton presents 

You are invited to a Zoom meeting. 
When: September 16, 2021 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)  

Register in advance for this free meeting: (Link) 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


At our bi-annual meetings, you will find lectures, hands-on workshops and discussions. These meetings are held for beekeepers with any level of skill, experience or ability.  Topics on introductory beekeeping tools and techniques, as well as learning opportunities for the more advanced beekeeper are available.

Did you know?  The honey bee is the State Insect of Kansas. Kansas designated the honey bee as official state insect in 1976 in response to a petition signed by over 2000 Kansas school children to make the honey bee the state insect. A quote from Kansas House Bill 2236; "... The honey bee is like all Kansan's in that it is proud; only fights in defense of something it cherishes; is a friendly bundle of energy; is always helping others throughout its lifetime; is a strong, hard worker with limitless abilities; and is a mirror of virtue, triumph and glory;... The honey bee, by making its honey, gives not only to Kansans but also to all the world's peoples a gift which is sweet and wholesome, something which all Kansans strive to emulate in other ways."  

Welcome.  Become a supporting member, register for a meeting, or renew a membership.  Review the KHPA Membership Form for details and to print and mail.    Or use the convenience of PayPal to sign-up or renew. 

The Traditional 2021 Kansas State Fair is on! 

For more information and planning for 2021, visit the Kansas State Fair on-line.

The 2021 Kansas State Fair is returning better than ever!  

The 2021 fair runs September 10 to 19. We start setting up on the 8th. See you in Hutchinson KS at the fair.

Signup genius (link) is current as-of July 19, 2021. If you have used this app in the past to sign up to volunteer you will be sent an email when it goes live. If you are new, create an account, and look for the signup “2021 Kansas State Fair” or you can look for it by the creator's email which is It’s not password protected, so don’t pay attention if it asks for a password.

If you would prefer you can always contact me at 913-768-4961 by phone or text and I will help you sign up for the date and time you wish to volunteer.

Thank you and see you in Hutchinson in September 2021       Kristi Sanderson

Kansas Honey Producers Association is a not-for-profit IRC 501(c)5 agricultural-educational organization.

Meeting ​Where:   Salina, Kansas

       ​  Fall Conference:  November 5 & 6, 2021 

Register via PayPal or use the form in the Program Details (when available - details are still being planned).

Don't miss the in-person Fall 2021 Conference!

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Welcome to the Kansas Honey Producers Association   or just "KHPA" for short ....

​​Buy Local Honey  .... Buy Kansas State Honey  ...  Know your Beekeeper ....

​​Virtual Honey Show, October 21, 2020  6:00 pm  It was a fantastic event! View it here via YouTube.

We are working out the details of a virtual honey show, but you must be registered for the meeting to participate.  Watch the website for final details but here is the jest of it.  Ginny Mitchell, our state fair honey judge, has agreed to be the judge.  We are only going to have 4 categories:
1. Extracted honey-2 1 lb. glass Queenline or Classic jars

2. Creamed honey-2 straight sided glass jars 8-12 oz.

3. Beeswax block -1 – 1 lb.

4. Black Label-2 oz. in an opaque jar (minimum needed 2 oz. but not more than 8 oz.)
*Judged on taste only

 Judging by Ginny will be held on Wednesday night, October 21st via Zoom (the link will be made available to registered participants later), which will offer an additional learning experience.  Those who want to participate will be responsible for sending their entries to Ginny and they will need to be postmarked by October 9th.  Entries that you want returned, will need to include mailing instructions and money to send them back to you.  KHPA will not be responsible for entries damaged during shipping. Winners will be announced during the meeting on Friday, October 23rd. Prizes will be awarded as follows: 1st prize $20.00, 2nd Prize $15.00, and 3rd prize $10.  A $40 prize will go to the winner of the Black Label Honey. No additional awards will be given.   

Our organization was originally founded as the “Kansas State Bee Keepers” in 1903. Annual dues were $1.00.

For those wanting to participate in the on-line auction for the Grant Fund valid from 03/05 9:00AM thru 3/07/2021 7:00PM:  (pending update for the fall meeting) 

Membership Services
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KHPA - 2021 State Fair Volunteers  - We couldn't do it without you.  

​​Register as a 2021 volunteer by going to SignupGenius_(KHPAlink).   

As a way to promote honey bees and their products, each year we sponsor a booth at the Kansas State Fair.  Our booth at the fair is in the Pride of Kansas Building.  The 2021 fair runs from September 10 - 19, 2021.  


We rely on our membership to help man the booth, and would appreciate any time you have to offer. This is a wonderful time to interact with the general public.  Meet with the public and share your beekeeping knowledge.

Questions? Please contact 2nd VP, Kristi Sanderson via email. She'll get back with you asap. 

The Honey Bee - the official State Insect of Kansas since 1976.

Extracting More $$$ from your Hives- these new, Free, Value-Added programs will be presented on the 3rd Thursday of each month.  It is being sponsored by the Kansas Honey Producers Association.  To register for this FREE presentation, use the link below.  You will get an invitation link for the live presentation sent to you by email.

Great Plains Master Beekeeping Program 

There is a new program for Best-management practice beekeeping. The program covers beekeepers in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Learn the benefits and reasons to join. To participate, one needs to join. It's free and it's easy. Learn more information about the program. 

 ​​The Kansas Honey Producers' Association               (from 1903 to 1981 aka: Kansas State Beekeepers' Assn)

​​ ​   Support Kansas' Beekeeping with your membership. We hold meetings twice annually through out the state with great speakers and presentations while publishing a quarterly newsletter. In addition, we have established apiaries through out the state, using our apiary products to demonstrate and sell to the public at the Kansas State Fair, held annually in Hutchinson, KS in September. The fair gives us an opportunity to promote Kansas' honey and beekeeping. We have supported a scholarship/grant program for nearly 18 years in which we have donated bees, expertise, wooden-ware, and other supplies in the support of teaching beekeeping around the state. We are a diverse group people, keeping bees as hobbyists as well as on a commercial level. We look forward to meeting you.                                                                                                Email:

The in-person Fall Conference is Friday & Saturday,  November 2021.

Program Details as-of May 20, 2021

Meeting location:  Courtyard by Marriott Salina, KS (link)

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Notes on correct fill level: 

The correct fill level on a “Queen-line” or “Classic” style honey jar is at the top of the fill ring of each jar. The fill ring is the raised ridge or ring of glass immediately herein the shoulder of the jar, and herein the closure threads. It can be distinguished from the threads in two ways: a) the fill ring forms a complete circle, without ends; and b) the fill ring will be completely parallel with the bottom and top of the jar.

There should be enough honey in the jar to reach the top of the fill ring, without going over. . Liquid honey in a circular shape forms a concave surface sometimes referred to as a meniscus.

For purposes of filling jars containing liquid honey (including chunk comb entries) for exhibition, the edge of the meniscus should meet the top of the fill ring. Jars of creamed honey should be filled to the top edge of the fill ring. A jar of honey being over-filled is preferable to one being under-filled. 

​​The Kansas Honey Producers'  Fall 2021 Meeting Conference. 

in person meeting -  november 5 & 6, 2021.

​​​​NEW:   Virtual Question & Answer Session-Monday, September 6, 2021, 7:00 pm.  (pending future date)

Join us on Monday, September 6, at 7:00 pm for a Virtual Question and Answer Session. Send your questions to Robert Burns at any time.  During the session, you will also have an opportunity to ask questions through the chat room during the zoom meeting.  We plan to have members available to answer your questions.  If you do not get The Cappings by email but would like to be updated and get the Zoom meeting link by email, please email to request that you be notified.  Consider this your “practice” meeting so that you can make sure that you understand how to log in on zoom and how to use it!  

Our most current newsletter 3rd Quarter (August) 2021 edition "The Cappings" is available.

Our Mission

*Conferences for members, featuring current research, beekeeping management techniques, etc.

*Encourage better beekeeping methodology
*Promote cooperation among the beekeepers of the state and nation
*Reach a common understanding regarding our problems and their solutions
*Maintain friendly and helpful relations among beekeeping advocates
*Develop markets for beekeeping products
*Foster closer cooperation among members of the KHPA
*Improve purposes relating to honey bees and beekeeping for our members and the general public  

© All rights reserved by Kansas Honey Producers Association.

Our most current newsletter  (August 3rd Quarter 2021)  "The Cappings" is availableFor questions about membership or registration, you may contact us by email. We will assist with any issues you may have in this regard.  Thank you for your support.

Becky Tipton: "Becky Tipton and her husband, Steve, own Country Creek Honey and have been producing and selling honey for 30+ years. Becky is past president of the NE KS Beekeepers Association, current president of the Kansas Honey Producers, and a master beekeeper. She teaches beekeeping and using products of the hive for skin care by making soaps, lotions, and balms." For recipes and more, Link to Handout "Beautiful Beneficial Beeswax for Body & Home ABF ~ 2020".  Beekeepers make soap with products from the hive. Learn from the best! Don't miss this session.  (Link to other video presentations). Becky's KHPA "Benefitial Beautiful Beeswax " Handout for this session.